Sustainability through optimised design of Offshore wind monopile foundations.
At Venfluc we believe in creating a better future for our planet. Our offshore wind foundation designs stand testament to this commitment.

Why prioritise sustainability?

Optimisation at its best: Our design experts continuously innovate to ensure minimal steel consumption. From our experience, we've achieved up to 20% reduction compared to conventional design methods.

Reducing CO2 emissions: Using less steel directly translates to reduced carbon emissions. For every ton of steel conserved, CO2 emissions decrease by 2 tonnes.

Saving natural resources: For every ton of steel we save, we save the extraction of 1.6 tonnes iron ore and 0.8 tonnes coal.

Economically sustainable: Saving steel also means saving money. This not only affects raw material costs but also leads to reduced expenses due to less challenges and investments at the manufacturer and installation contractor.

Using Venfluc's approach to save 20% steel for a 1 GW North Sea offshore windfarm.

55000 tonnes reduction
30000 tonnes less steel
50 million EUR saved
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